The Artist

My art is a reflection of internal struggles and an observation of epic, transcendent concepts. My primary medium is ink; I use all sorts of applicators, from pens and metal nibs, to quills and brushes. The inherent dynamic of the line is at the heart of my aesthetic, achieving infinite simultaneous realities within each piece. I intend my art to create an intellectual and visceral communication through a dynamic visual program. It is my intention, my motivation, to achieve this level of connected experience with my expressions of ink on paper. I work in a permanent medium and I work as close to an open flow of consciousness as possible. Rarely do I do any preliminary sketches or treatments to work up the image. When working with ink, there are no mistakes or failures that can prevent the artist from pressing on. One must improvise, adapt and overcome; improve upon a mistake that could potentially destroy the flow of the piece into a working constituent element. One cannot go back in time, just as I cannot erase my ink.


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Below are some of my previous exhibitions. Click the button below to view the full list.


2016 - "We the People..." - ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL (group)
2014 – “Art at Rodan” – Rodan Lounge, Chicago, IL (solo)
2014 – “Grove Action Committee” – Exit, Chicago, IL (group)
2014 – “Underground Aesthetics II” – Galway Bay Pub, Chicago, IL (group)
2014 – “Underground Aesthetics I” – Galway Bay Pub, Chicago, IL (group)
2013 – Public installation at Big and Little’s restaurant, Chicago, IL (solo)


This is the Diacron. This is my personal journal of history as it happens. If you like to pay attention as much as I do, follow this Diacron for it will be a detailed history of true humanity and insights into states of being and philosophies. This is also where to find my latest project news and exhibition announcements. Read and enjoy...



If you would like to reach out to discuss any aspect of my work or commission Art/Coat of Arms drawings, this is the page to do it. Or if you would just like to connect and grow our creative family, email me for any ideas on collaborations or events.

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