St. Michael v. Lucifer

“St. Michael v. Lucifer”
Pen and Ink on Illustration Board
8.5″ x 11″

Ideas: Sometimes I receive a commission that perfectly aligns with an idea from my sketchbook. Creating my own version of epic mythological tales from history is one of my most fulfilling artistic experiences, and this was one of those opportunities. An old friend of mine honored me with the commission of this piece, and it was seriously a struggle to complete. Fitting, as the piece itself is an allegory for the struggle between good and evil. Much of my work draws inspiration from renaissance and medieval themes, this piece especially. I referenced assorted different depictions of this battle from multiple artists throughout the centuries before coming up with my own version. Michael is rendered in warm grays, serving as a reflection of the divine heat cascading down from above. In his right hand he thrusts his spear, the king of weapons, through the chest of his adversary. In his left hand, he wields a shield bearing a visage of scales, the symbol of justice. He is armored and fierce. His wings block out the sun from above as he stands victorious over his enemy. Conversely, Lucifer is rendered in cool grays to illustrate the distance the angel of light has fallen from the warm grace of his father in heaven. His sword, the prince of weapons, breaks against the shield of justice defending Michael. Beneath him, his unholy host descends into the depths below. The ground they are fighting on is rendered in neutral grays symbolizing the plain canvas of life that one’s decisions define. The transition of value tones provide a balance to the piece both visually and conceptually. Lucifer is prostrate and Michael’s spear is driven through his chest into the ground beneath him. The ground cracks and splits apart from the impact. Both warriors are beaten and damaged, their armor dented and cut. Michael has taken a bloody perhaps even a premonitory injury to his side and one of Lucifer’s horns is cut off, symbolizing his broken cause and lost power. In the end, the Archangel is victorious. Thus I present, the allegory of good and evil.


• September 26, 2018

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