The Hypnotist

“The Hypnotist”
Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
16″ x 20″

Ideas: This drawing, like many before it, emerged out of some warm-up doodling while I was working on other pieces. The movement of the initial marks really captured my attention and it didn’t take long for time and effort became focused on this piece rather than the task at hand. When inspiration strikes, I run with it as most of time I don’t wait around for it to appear in order to start working. I noticed that in this piece, something struck at the core of my intention as an artist. There is a very psychological aspect to the face and to the swirling formations of color. I found myself in a daze and sometimes just falling asleep completely while at study, hence the title. Something about this drawing looks within and I find that soothing in a way. It relaxes me and puts my mind at ease, I still am not certain what it is about the composition that causes this reaction in me. One of the purposes of Art is to effect the emotions of the viewer in a profound way; and without an initial intention for the piece to even become a finished work, the drawing accomplishes that very aspect.


• September 2, 2017

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