Pen & Brush with Ink and Watercolor on Cold Press Watercolor Paper
30″ x 20″

Ideas: A mystery of ink, watercolors, and madness. This is a large painting I’ve worked with off and on for a few years now. As the new year began, I decided to finish this piece once and for all. To solve the riddle, as it were. I knew not where it was taking me and at different times, I worked on the piece in every possible orientation. Honestly, creating this piece was at times intense and enjoyable, and other times downright confounding. Eventually, with the help of some long nights and morning meditations, I was able to bring it in for a landing. The heart of the mystery was simply to back off; to breathe and give space. True with people, and true with art. The piece revealed to me everything I needed to complete it. I simply had to be calm enough to receive it. Everyone that has seen the piece find a whole variety of different imagery, the work functions as an imagination accelerator. This is the first piece released during the CoVid-19 pandemic of 2020. After the plague, a renaissance; as it once was, it will be again.


• April 3, 2020

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