Subconscious Grip

“Subconscious Grip”
Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Block
9″ x ″12

Ideas: In high school, I drew faces almost exclusively. I would start and end with the eyes and usually some song lyric would accompany the drawing. For years I did these drawings and now, I keep the ones that survived in a folder labelled “Selph Portraits”. Recently, drawings of faces have emerged from my mind again so I decided to start capturing them as completed pieces rather than just sketches on notebook paper. This particular portrait is of a figure struggling with something internal, yet maintaining an emotionless countenance. I think most people push through the day in this way when personal life intentions remain unfulfilled. And even if they are, we are our minds; sometimes we will not have complete control of the content that enters our thoughts. There is a great deal of tension under the skin and this drawing illustrates that in a brushed flash of soft colors. We mustn’t let the grip tighten too often, or else we fall unto despair.


• September 4, 2017

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