Spiralscape Prime

“Spiralscape Prime”
Pen and Ink on Paper
18″ x 24″

Ideas: The Spiralscape Prime is an example of one of my abstracted “Worldscapes”. It is really meant to be a cross-section of a particle that yields all the matter leading to the formation of terrestrial existence, such as dirt, then rocks, then hills, then mountains, then a planet, etc. It is my belief that at the subatomic level the spiral of existence builds and binds such elements together to bring matter to life. This spiral of existence is my unifying theory of the interaction of all matter on every level in all existence. Conceptual to say the least but this drawing is a representation of that position applied to the formation of earthly rocks and other matter. A detail of the building blocks of matter on the only habitable planet in our solar system. Symbolized by the tiny spiraling stones and rock imagery with veins of red sparsely seen throughout representing the magma, or blood of this planet.


• June 6, 2014

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