A Thousand Screams

“A Thousand Screams”
Pen and Ink on Paper
9″ x 12″

Ideas: No, there are not actually 1,000 screaming faces in this drawing. The concept is figurative, a drawing of anguish. Another version of a “Sonic Abstraction” ,this inner consciousness pouring out an emotionally charged yell at the world. Sometimes, a good scream can do wonders to purge negativity, to sound off on struggles and unhappiness. The original of this drawing was acquired by a woman who at that time had very suddenly and recently lost her husband. She told me the drawing looked like how she felt. A reminder to let it out, not to hold it in. That is a fire that burns from the inside out, unless turned into a torch that put forward, will illuminate your path.


• June 6, 2014

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