The Unforgivable Priest

“The Unforgivable Priest”
Pen and Ink on Paper
18″ x 24″

Ideas: It is my fervent belief that there is nothing in existence more evil than the systematic rape and abuse of children at an institutional and organized level. Relocating instead of condemning, and spreading the most deplorable actions and horrors from parish to parish, from child to child. For millennia, the Catholic Church has engaged in this, playing on the fear of divine retribution and shame. These monsters, with the full weight of the Vatican behind them, have torn apart countless lives and ruined countless childhoods. If any other institution, business, or organization were guilty of these despicable acts, they would be shunned, dismantled and rightfully torn asunder for their crimes. Only the world’s religions carry this odd immunity from any terrestrial authority, they are given a free pass for murder, war and rape only because it is practicing their “faith” and thus are above criticism. This drawing is an archetype of such a man, a divinely ordained rapist of children. Shattered, fractal shapes of imagery and demons comprise and at the same time tear apart the face of this priest. Screaming souls surround and envelop the lower part of the head as we move across the image with warped crucifixes in tow. Forward in the piece is presented a bible, in which he figuratively and physically hides behind with a broken linear crucifixion on it’s cover. Finally in the top right section of the artwork, we find the gentle priest guiding his next victim through a gate of fire. A major hope of mine is that this ridiculous institution with all of its death cult antics and complete lack of accountability for the most evil atrocities imaginable towards the children of our species is razed to the ground and an outright humanism is the purported “faith” of humanity.


• January 1, 2015

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