Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
18″ x 24″

The intention of this drawing is an attempt to capture what my mind feels like when I am working on a piece. A sort of reflection of my creative mind at work illustrated two dimensionally on paper. There are 40 faces in all and symbolize the multitude of different directions my thoughts might take me, or the artwork might take my thoughts when I am engaged completely in my art. Most of my work is done in the nighttime hence the tonal palette and the presence of the moon. There is a reflection in Reflection yet the entire composition is asymmetrical, as all of life is. The hand on the left of the piece has both center fingers amputated resulting in the “evil eye” hand gesture appropriated by the heavy metal and darker music I grew up with. The hand on the left has been amputated into the “authority formation” scene throughout classical painting, denoting the person in charge of the scene. The symbols represent my ownership over who I’ve been and who I am authentically, and that I have authority over my own reflection, over my own intentions. If who I am and what I am are not present in one of my artworks, then it never was an artwork to begin with and never will be.


• June 12, 2014

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