The Creation of Atom

“The Creation of Atom”
Pen and Ink on Paper
18″ x 24″

Ideas: This piece is inspired by the unavoidable juggernaut of technology. As always, the application of breakthroughs in science will demonstrate its usefulness. It can also demonstrate its potential horrors. The same technology that can provide heat, convenience, and life is equally, and at times even more able of causing death and destruction. There is a responsibility that comes along with technology that as a culture and society we really should pay more attention to, lest the powers that control the means of production dictate how and when new technologies are used. And at what cost. Advancement is perpetual and unstoppable, save a humanity ending catastrophe. I don’t think I am alone in feeling this is a living reality more and more each day. Harnessing the “mind of God” as Stephen Hawking figuratively puts it, yields beauty and life as well as death and damnation.


• June 4, 2014

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