Pierson Coat of Arms

“Pierson Coat of Arms”
Pen and Ink on Illustration Board
16″ x 20″ (matted)

The Pierson coat of arms drawing was done as a barter for my sisters 30th (golden) birthday party. The owner of the trolly company loves the drawings and the idea and wanted one for his son’s 18th birthday. We came to an agreement and I got to work. This drawing is very similar in ways to the standard coat of arms, a blue castle like structure occupying the lower half of the shield and the top half red with three suns, each with faces. I really like the standard so I decided to really build off of that iconography. The lower portion I created as a detailed castle with surrounding lands and a small body of water. Crossed in the center are two oxygen tanks with hoses running out to each side froming the demarcation of the coat of arms itself. His son is an avid scuba diver. You will find two masks at the end of each hose and integrated into the walls of the castle. For the suns I decided to take the very plain faces and turn them into very expressive ones, with the sun rays dancing nearly out of control from each sun.

• January 2, 2013

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