O’Neill Coat of Arms

“O’Neill Coat of Arms”
Pen and Ink on Illustration Board
16″ x 20″ (matted)

I completed this commission for a friend of mine that is a Chicago Police Officer. After the commission and interview, Brian gave me a lot to work with so I had a great time putting this together. At the top of the coat of arms itself I placed his police star. Directly below is the coat of arms of his mother. On the left of that is the colors of her favorite football team and on the right is the colors of the Rugby team his father played for, First Corinthians. Centered you will find the red hand of Ulster flanked by two blood red heraldic lions, their tails warping into the cloudy atmosphere. The feet of the lions however, morph into a bright sunset backdrop of a Chicago city skyline. The blue of the standard coat of arms I transformed into the waters of Lake Michigan with the city reflected. In the water you will find a red sailed boat, a Galway Hooker. This is the main icon of the Galway Bay county and city coat of arms, where Brian’s family is from.

• January 3, 2013

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