Faces of Sedona

“Faces of Sedona”
Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
18″ x 24″

Ideas: Throughout my life, I have often visited the Southwest of the United States, usually Arizona. This had a direct influence on my artwork and my life in general. It is a different kind of living and it is a different kind of “outdoors”. The fertile desert is still a desert and the adaptation creatures and plants evolve to thrive in such a climate fascinates me. I have seen the most beautiful scenery and night skies of my life in the region of the world, especially Sedona. A magnetic field hub of the planet with all the best the Southwest has to offer. From mountains and canyons to waterfalls and rushing rapids rivers. The red rock is quite majestic and I just needed to do a drawing, an abstraction of what it feels like to be in this area. There is a palpable feeling to be surrounded by such colors in nature and this piece is an expression of that beauty.


• January 4, 2014

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