The Silhouette Within

“The Silhouette Within”
Pen and Ink on Illustration Board
10″ x 13″

Ideas: In much of my artwork I try to portray the inner, hidden dimension of people, myself included. Essences that one cannot seem to put a finger on or explain in a way terms of language allow. Within us all is a darker, so would call ‘uglier’ side of ourselves that most would not be comfortable admitting was there at all. But deny it as you will, your denial doesn’t destroy it. It only strengthens it. Brave is the being willing to show the world their insides, their faults and embarrassments, their fears. Honesty and vilification of appetites not seemly enough for the masses to understand. We all have this reflective principal inside us. This drawing is a visual symbolism of this dualistic war raging inside one’s own mind. Facing one’s darker self with eyes everywhere watching, judging. Without admitting one’s darkness, one can never be whole. This drawing is of a person coming to grips with such a realization.

• February 1, 2014

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