The Iris in the Solar Heartbeat

“The Iris in the Solar Heartbeat”
Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
18″ x 24″

Ideas: This drawing was a gift to my Kelly upon her move to Chicago. Another in the aesthetic of the “quantum abstractions”, this piece illustrates the heart’s eye, pulsating. For thousands of years, the “third eye” has been a common concept in many cultures, often referred to the as the “inner eye” that is able to see the multitude of invisible levels of human consciousness. Traditionally, the eye is located in the middle of the forehead, connected with the anja chakra or with the penal gland. I however believe this concept to be more closely related to the instinct of the heart. It is a connection to emotional insight rather than mental. You see Love with your heart, not with your forehead. The use of hot colors illustrates the fire within me when she is near; the cool hues in and around those ribbons of heat represent the tones of her eyes. The undulating waves and rhythms of color envelop the composition completely and the expression is passionate and relentless, as is my love.

• June 10, 2014

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