The Decay of Atlas

“The Decay of Atlas”
Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
11″ x 14″

The titan Atlas, punished by Zeus to hold up the sky for all eternity, is usually depicted as holding the world on his shoulders. Working within this motif, the drawing illustrates a world being torn apart whilst Atlas, in vain, attempts to hold it up and keep it from crumbling. There are three versions of Atlas in this drawing, each for the three main culprits in the destruction of morality and civilization. These three being the the only myths still followed by millions around the world. The three remaining monotheistic, messianic religions of humanity, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the center of the composition you will find arms tearing the world in half, and just below, the iconography of each of these myths. Surrounding the focal point, you will find a black, leaking liquid pouring from the stonework. The demand for oil and profit has never allowed human life or dignity to get in the way of this pursuit. Towards the bottom of the piece subtlety you will find what looks like green stone work at the root of the composition covered in dollar signs. Many times this is the true motivation behind people who use faith to obtain influence and power. Belief may be the only thing more influential and powerful than money, and the remaining world religions are well aware of this. They actively seek it out by any means at their disposal, many times at the expense of human life.


• January 10, 2015

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