Pen, Ink and Graphite on Illustration Board
10″ x 13″

Ideas: I was given a project late in my studies as an Art major to “draw a sound”. This unknowingly birthed my Sonic Abstraction concept for visual art. I thought this stupid at first but then began to internally examine the possibilities of such an achievement. The project lends itself to some simple and easy responses and like usual, I strive to take it further and thus make it that much harder on myself. I choose to represent the sound of silence. How does one capture the essence of the absence of sound. My thoughts directed me to an ostensibly noisy scene that is deceptively silent. Thus, this piece was born. The being in the piece symbolizes a saxophone player filled with sadness, due to being sans mouth. The sheets of musical bars strewn about the composition are empty illustrating the “soundlessness” of the scene. By showing subject matter that should be filled with music yet only mist, I have represented the feeling of silence to the viewer from a tangible angle.


• June 2, 2014

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