Poseidon’s Wrath

“Poseidon’s Wrath”
Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
18″ x 24″

Ideas: One of my mythological works, “Poseidon’s Wrath” started late one night as a two handed spiraling of bluish hues like a whirlpool of color. The next morning I looked on my drawing table and found this intense image that reminded me an ocean during a terrible storm. Almost instantly the idea of Poseidon took over my thoughts and I began working. Symbolism of the Greek god of the sea can be found throughout the piece. His face in the middle screaming in wrath and destruction, an emotion and an activity he was wont to engage in. His golden trident diagonally across the composition. The storm clouds swirling and twisting around the center like a hurricane then becoming his beard. And the broken pieces of earth, as he was also the god of earthquakes. You can see his crown, adorned with shells above his eyes, eyes that swirl all over the piece showing the vastness his influence, his empire of the sea. One thing I appreciate about the Greek gods and goddesses, they are very emotional, at fault and cruel and make no allegations otherwise. It is not apologized or rationalized but accepted that these superhuman beings are to be feared and worshiped. Mankind and it’s suffering or adulation is at their whimsy, they are fallible, jealous, emotional creatures and in that, very much human. Self evidently created by humans to explain a world around them that they have no other means to otherwise. The same is true with all religions and deity myths.


• January 5, 2015

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